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Program Director:  Ann Coffey, Ph.D. is a retired Clinical Psychologist who co-founded AgeSong Marin with Elizabeth Bugental, Ph. D.  After Elizabeth passed away, Ann became director of the program.

Intake Coordinator:  Roberta Duncan, MFT is a facilitator of AgeSong Marin and handles all of the incoming calls.

Consultant:  Karen Weinberger, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with private practices in San Rafael and San Francisco. She provides ongoing consultation with the facilitators once a month.

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Program Coordinator: Melanie Lopes, MFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in San Rafael. She provides administrative support and assists with organizing and scheduling AgeSong Marin groups.



Below are descriptions of a few of our volunteer facilitators.

  • A retired nurse, marriage and family counselor, and past staff member of Family Service Agency who recently helped her mother celebrate her 102nd birthday.

  • A retired clinical psychologist, active community volunteer, and abstract sculptor who shows his work in local galleries and art shows.

  • An early childhood education specialist who helps with our curriculum.

  • A Woodrow Wilson scholar and past teacher and administrator in Marin schools who also helps with AgeSong development and outreach.

  • A retired program director and operations manager for various community agencies and educational programs throughout Marin who chairs our marketing committee.

  • A semiretired clinical social worker serving as an Employee Assistance Counselor at Kaiser, a counselor for families of active military personnel, and a member of the Kaiser Medical Ethics Committee.

  • A retired Federal agent, model, and juror on the Marin County Civil Grand Jury.

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