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Make checks payable to Agesong Marin and send to:

AgeSong Marin
1005 Northgate Dr. #204
San Rafael, CA 94903


To register for a group, call

415-234-5040 or send an email with any questions to

Join Us!


Donations to AgeSong Marin are used primarily for scholarships.  We want the groups to be accessible to everyone; we provide both partial and full scholarships to anyone who is in need.

We are thankful for your support. The groups are an important resource, not only to those who participate, but to the Marin community as a whole.  They provide a place for seniors to feel valued, accepted, and heard.

Thank you,
Ann Coffey, co-founder and director

Your tax deductible donation is made possible through the fiscal sponsorship and nonprofit status of MarinLink 501(c)(3).

Tax id# 82-0948288

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